Historic Sea Route Opens

For the first time ever, a bulk carrier is using the North West Passage as a transit trade lane, when transporting coal from Vancouver in Canada to Finland. The historic transit is shorter than ...

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What It’s Like to Spend a Year in Antarctica

Antarctica is an isolated, frigid desert of ice and snow. It’s practically another planet. And it can be staggeringly beautiful. Ian Hey did something most of us would never dream of and spent ...

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Russia Announces Arctic Oil Plans

MURMANSK – Russian plans to develop Arctic oil and gas fields at any cost, including unprecedented tax subsidies, despite oil majors’ lack of readiness, which camouflage their environmental ...

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Decoding the Universe with an Antarctic IceCube

Call it a telescope, call it a detector, or call it an observatory—it's all the same to the University of Wisconsin scientists at the IceCube South Pole Neutrino Observatory, which is now the ...

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New Arctic Island Discovered

MOSCOW, September 23 (RIA Novosti) – A surveying expedition by Russia’s Northern Fleet has made several geographic discoveries and confirmed the formation of a new island in the Franz Josef Land ...

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New Findings in Emperor Penguin Research

  Diving Emperor Penguins are shown during a foraging trip from the Cape Washington colony in Antarctica. Credit: Paul Ponganis, University of California New research has revealed how the ...

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Global Warming Could Unleash Disease

SALEKHARD (Northern Russia), September 24 (RIA Novosti) – Melting permafrost and warmer temperatures in the Arctic could trigger the release of both known and new infectious diseases in the region, ...

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New Life Discovered in Antarctica Lake Sediments

Deep below the Antarctic ice sheet lie dark and cold subglacial lakes. For years, scientists have wondered whether these freezing bodies of water could hold life, despite the harsh conditions they ...

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