Officers, Governors & Honorary Members

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Honorary Members (in chronological order)
LCDR Conrad “Gus” Shinn, USN (Ret.), 1984
Dr. Charles R. Bentley, 1996
Dr. Wilford F. Weeks, 1997
Dr. Robert H. Rutford, 1998
Dr. Knut Aagaard, 1999
VADM George P. Steele, USN (Ret.), 1999
Dr. David H. Elliot, 2000
Dr. Arnold L. Gordon, 2000
Dr. Anthony J. Gow, 2003
Dr. Kenneth L. Hunkins, 2003
Capt. Cliff L. Bekkedahl, USN (Ret.), 2013
Dr. David Gallo, 2013
Dr. Paul A. Mayewski, 2013
VADM John H. Nicholson, USN (Ret.), 2013
R. Tucker Scully, 2013
Dr. Susan Solomon, 2013
John Splettstoesser, 2013
Will Steger, 2013
Dr. Charles Swithinbank, 2013
Norman R. Augustine, 2015
Peter Anderson, 2015
Captain Lawson W. Brigham, USCG (Ret.), PhD, 2015
Dr. Julian A. Dowdeswell, 2015
Dr. Gerald “Jerry” Kooyman, 2015
Captain Alfred Scott McLaren, USN (Ret.), PhD, 2015
Dr. Walter Munk, 2015
Avery Battle Russell, 2015
Captain Brian Shoemaker, USN (Ret.), 2015

Honorary Service Award
Patty Elkus
Charles Lagerbom
Charlotte Sinclaire
Dr. Mort D. Turner, Deceased